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University of Connecticut Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering

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Scholarly Publications of Center Faculty

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The environmental publication record of the 150 Affiliated Faculty members of CESE is voluminous. Consequently, we only highlight recent years of publication by Center Faculty – those whose appointments are directly administered by CESE (i.e., T. Bosker, B. Li, A. Mackay, J. McCutcheon, L. Shor, S. Swallow, T. Vadas, G. Wang, M. Willig, and C. Zhang) – or by professional staff (i.e., M. Levin, C. Perkins, A. Provatas, and S. Presley). Publications are organized alphabetically within year. (Note that we only include publications for individuals during years for which they have been Center Faculty members). To peruse a publication list for a particular year, click on the appropriate tab (above).