Environmental Chemistry Laboratories


CESE’s spacious, state-of-the-art laboratories provide a full range of services in the development of analytical methods and analytical testing to support research by faculty, government, and industry scientists.


Staffed by experienced professionals, the laboratories are equipped with advanced instrumentation and equipment. CESE performs physical and chemical analyses for persistent and nontraditional environmental pollutants in ambient air, atmospheric deposition, biological tissue, surface water (both saline and fresh), ground water, sediment, soil, and hazardous waste.

Analytical services are provided by five Divisions of CESE Laboratories:


Hemp Initiative
Metals Division
Nutrients Division
Organics Division
Sampling Division


Client Price Lists


Due to University of Connecticut overhead costs,  all sample pricing is subject to:

20% markup      for State of Connecticut Agencies and Municipalities

61% markup      for all other clients

Metals Lab

Nutrients Lab