Sampling Division



In support of experimental and observational research, CESE uses state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation and applies the latest approaches to environmental monitoring and assessment for subsurface, atmospheric, and water quality studies.

Recent projects supported by the Sampling Division include:

  • Using a Geoprobe direct push sampling rig, collected continuous sample cores to determine extent of pesticide contamination in agricultural areas.
  • Instrumented and monitored a combined sewer/storm water overflow system in Hartford, CT to determine nutrient, metal and organic compound fluxes resulting from extreme precipitation events.
  • Developed, fabricated, and installed novel gaseous, particulate and bulk deposition samplers to determine atmospheric concentrations and fluxes of nitrogen and phosphorus in Connecticut.

Some of our clients and collaborators include:

  • Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
  • Metropolitan District Commission
  • University of Connecticut

Available Instrumentation

Type of Studies
Equipment and Instruments


(soil and groundwater)

A track-mounted Geoprobe DT54 direct push rig. Customized sampling equipment, including a profiling system based on the Waterloo Profiler™, to facilitate the collection of groundwater samples under zero-headspace conditions from discrete depth intervals

Specialized system for installing multilevel groundwater sampling wells, enabling simultaneous sampling at discrete depth intervals

Support equipment, including multi-probes, which allow for the online monitoring of conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and temperature in groundwater under zero-headspace conditions

Soil augers, bailers, and peristaltic pumps to aid in the collection of samples

NitonXL3t GOLDD+ x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer for bulk elemental analysis


Tekran automated atmospheric mercury auto-analyzers

Gaseous and particulate sampling equipment, including Hi-vol, low-vol, and wet/dry deposition samplers

Weather station

Water Quality

(marine and freshwater)

12 ISCO water samplers, including inserts and flow meters for storm water sampling

Dredges and box corers, kemmerer water sampling bottles, bailers, and peristaltic pumps to aid in the collection of samples

Hach portable spectrophotometer

YSI and Hydrolab water quality multi-probes

16′ V-hull center console boat

12′ flat-bottom boat